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Crochet on the go go, All about Pattern, reading & Writing and how to change Colour, with all of this will help you can change your crochet world.

Blog Post for week 15th April 2024

Do you take you Crochet on your travels? On my YouTube Channel you can now find out how I Crochet on the Go.  I show you a variety of ways to make your craft more portable, so you can go out and enjoy your crochet anywhere you go.






You can also check out how to weave in your ends to help you create a perfect finish to your Crochet.  Link to Weave in ends

And if you don’t like weaving/sewing in all your ends, I have a video just for you, check out the video where I show you how to work in your ends alleviating the need to sew in your ends.  It’s great and will save you a lot of time and energy, which you can spend on doing more Crochet. Yey!!  Link to Working in your ends


Yarn Substitution

 When shopping for yarn sometimes you can’t find the exact wool/ yarn you are looking for or is requested on your pattern that you are trying to make. Do not fear, help is here.  Go to my video on Substituting yarns and I will help you with your Yarn Substitution so you can go ahead and make your Crochet Creation with another yarn.  Follow the link to YouTube

Reading a complicated Crochet Pattern, if you need a little assistance with working out what a Crochet Diagram means, check out this Video.


And if you want assistance with reading a simple pattern, I have you covered too. Click the link and let me help you decipher the code of a Crochet Diagram.


And if all of this talk about Crochet patterns make you want to write your own pattern, have a look at my Tutorial which show you how.


Colour Change in Crochet

Do you know how to change colour in your crochet project, if not, follow the link to my tutorial and I will show you how and then you will be able to do loads more with your Crochet Creations.

That's it for this week on my YouTube Channel, i hope these videos help you with your Crochet and inspire you to do lots of wonderful creative Crochet.

See you all next time.

Anya @Granie Anie Creates

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