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Coming Up Roses, well allsorts of flowers actually.

Today I have launched my latest Ebook which is a Pattern book for the Crochet Flower Spring Ring.

This is on my YouTube Channel as a full instructional Crochet Video.

and You can go to the Shop on my Website and get your copy of the EBook Pattern,

as well as going to my youtube channel

and watch all the videos that will help you to create your very own Crochet Flower Spring Ring.

Or, if there is just one or two flowers that you want to make to start with,

you can choose which flowers to make and simply watch those videos.

All the flowers are a joy to make and make you feel soo happy once you have made them. You can change the colours to suit your taste and make as many as you wish.

Maybe make a Daisy Chain, or A rose Paperclip or a Daffodil Button Brooch, the options are endless.

What ever you decide, check the tutorials out on Youtube and leave me a comment about what you have made, and ask any questions you need answers to in the comment section on YouTube.

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