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Welcome to Granie Anie Creates

We are all about Crochet & Craft here,

You can gain inspiration, instruction

& nurture your Creative Soul.

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My Story

What is Granie Anie Creates?

It's a Happy place for everyone to come and enjoy time here & share in the love of Crochet and Crafts,

a bit like visiting with your favourite Grannie ( or Auntie),

a time you can relax and enjoy being nurtured, comforted & inspired.

You will find amazing patterns, tips & tools here on the website to enjoy,


You can also join me on YouTube,

where you will find inspirational, instructional videos on Crochet & Crafts,


You can also connect with me via my On-line Crochet Course

Where you can gain basic Stitch knowledge and follow along with me to produce some great project such as a flowery tea cosy, bobble bag and Granie Square Fingerless gloves.

You can also join my monthly new letter to stay connected to what's going on

Why Crochet? 

Crochet has saved my sanity on more than one occasion;

it gives you something to do when there is nothing else to be done.

Like when I have had worrying things going on in my life that I have no control over,

I can reach for my crochet and at least have control over what stitch I am going to do next,

what “thing” I am going to make.

Also like, when I was a single Mum and my Daughter went to bed,

that was the loneliest time of my life, night after night sat on my own staring at the four walls,

cos you can’t go out, as your baby is in bed and you don’t always want other people to come round,

Then I learnt to Crochet and Crochet gave me something of mine to look forward to once my girl was asleep

& I could enjoy something just for me. As much as I love being a Mum, you need something just for you.

Crochet gives me a great excuse to treat myself to lots of scrummy yarn on a regular basis

I jokingly think that buying wool is also a hobby of mine,

just for the sake of going to great wool shops and luxuriating in all the colours, textures and possibilities

that are contained in them.

Also, wool comes with no added sugar and is a healthy fibre. Lol. 😊


Crochet has given me a way to connect with people,

I have set up several Crochet Classes and have met many great people through them,

it was a great way of having a social circle whilst my Daughter was growing up

and I was not as free to go places, so I set up a Crochet Group

that I could take her with me to enjoy the company alongside me.


Crochet gives me a way to talk to strangers,

as a lot of people ask me, when I am Crocheting in public,

what I am making so I tell them

and then I can talk with them some more if I wish.

It’s a great conversational topic.


It gives you something to do with your hands

if you are stopping a bad habit, like smoking, drinking, or too much chocolate. 

It gives you a great buzz when someone ask, did you make that?

 about a garment you have designed and made yourself,

a whole next level when you have spun the wool, and created that garment,

but I will take you through the journey of spinning wool in the future;

once you are hooked on Crochet.


You will find also that Crochet will open up your creativity

and once you have mastered a few basic stitches and actually made something,

the new confidence you have in your abilities will open up new creative outlets,

like painting, sewing, pottery, dancing,

who knows where your new YOU will take you

& it all starts with Crochet. 

Or so I believe, which is why I want to share the Love of Crochet with the World. 

It also means I get to do what I love, which is an added bonus.

I hope you like what you find here on my Website

& My YouTube Channel Granie Anie Creates &

I would like to thank you for popping in & I look forward to seeing you next time. 

Anya x Granie Anie Creates


It's always great to here from you, comment & Follow me on all the socials; if you want to connect more

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